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We live our lives in a pit of illusions.

To see life through the veil of mind-made illusions is far easier than to see reality head on, because in this way you can make the world look however you want to.  And we all do it to some extent.  It would be a very rare person who doesn’t come up with a few illusions or mental constructs about the world in order to make living this life a little bit easier.

Me personally, I do this all the time with the opposite sex during the initial phases of a relationship.  When I just meet someone new and right after the first few times having sex, I can tend to think that this person is someone special and I can start to imagine how it would be to spend a lot of time with them.  I start to think about all the ways that we’re right for each other, all the while actively ignoring all the ways that we’re not right for each other.

And why do I do this?  Because it feels good.  It feels good to think you’ve met someone really special and that your life is about to get a whole lot better.  Sometimes we need this illusion in order to get through rough patches in our lives.

Fortunately, now I’ve developed enough awareness that this illusion doesn’t last to the point of spending way too long in a relationship that isn’t a good fit.  Unfotunately though, there are many people who have not developed such awareness.

Any time you see an incredibly tumultuous relationship, where everyone knows that it’s not a good fit and yet the people end up staying together for years anyways.  Or when a relationship progresses at a rate that couldn’t possibly be in proportion with how long it takes to really get to know someone.  These are the types of relationships predicated on illusion.  And the real negative thing about these types of relationships is that it drains people of all their time and energy that they could be devoting to realizing and practicing their life’s purpose.

The way hey eyes look back at me

As if she can see something I can’t see

I knew all that I ever wanted to be

Was looking back at her.