I’m a mid-twenties male who has somewhat settled down in the beautiful Denver, Colorado.

I’ve lived a somewhat transient lifestyle, while during my later college years never living in the same place for more than 6 months.  I bounced around from cities such as Boston, Manhattan and Madrid, whilst doing some backpacking around Europe as well.

During my time traveling I was opened up to the possibilities of this world, and it was also during this time that I made the choice that I was never going to live a life that was not of my own design.  I was never going to resign myself to an office job that I could at best moderately put-up with.

I’ve since set off on a path to find out as much as possible about myself and this world, and how to live in the most fulfilling and fun way that I can.

This is a blog about my innermost musings and thoughts.  I hope you enjoy.


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