Passionate sex and life

When I made the post “Sex in America,” I was clearly upset about something, writing: “there is a degradation of the sanctity of sex in America,” although I wasn’t exactly sure what was bothering me.  ”  The statement I made was not intended to be anti-sex, but rather anti-mechanical and unemotional sex.

This concept of unemotional, meaningless sex is a confusing one.  It often gets mistaken for meaning only sex that is outside of a committed intimacy.  On the contrary though, sex can be meaningful with someone you’ve just met or be meaningless with someone you’ve known for years.  It all has to do with the place it’s coming from.

Is the sex you’re having passionate, uninhibited and serving to open both of your hearts?  Or is it mechanical, boring and trite?

Your capacity to open your woman in love or to receive your man’s love is completely indicative of your relationship to life.  If you’re settling for an uninspired life in the bedroom, where else are you settling for an uninspiring life outside?

Open yourself to love and open yourself to life, or close down and settle for a life of mediocrity.  The choice is yours.


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