There is a serious lack of opportunity to meditate in our modern society.  Technology is abundant, and one can scarcely glance an eye without finding something shiny or blinking to hijack the onlookers attention.

How rare is shininess in nature?  It’s nearly non-existent.  In nature, your eyes scan the understated hues that the earth provides, and it will slowly lull your mind to sleep, at which point you can experience the world uninhibited by the ever-wakeful thinking mind.

In modern society, this opportunity is never afforded.  Even in a ‘technology-free’ earth-toned room, any indoor scenario soon becomes so static that your thinking mind clicks on, if nothing else but to relieve the boredom.

It’s no wonder people take so many substances just to cope with living in modern society.

The holy grail

Is to find in the mail

That which you sent away

The day you decided

To be led astray.


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