What is love?  Why is love so hard for us?  Why does the default seem to be critique and discontent? Why is love something we need to work at, when under the right circumstances it feels like the most natural thing in the world?

I want to feel love

I want to give love

I want to be love

I want to have love

I want to set love free

I don’t want love

To be possessed by me

I want to be in service

Of the heavens above

And with love as my witness

I’ll be the best I can be.


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One response to “Love”

  1. adifferentpace says :

    Love is the soul responding to what it finds as home.

    This is a statement that I just read on Theshombe Sekou’s blog, and it was so relevant to this blog post that I needed to write it here. Check out his blog.

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