American Dream

We need a reworking of the American dream.

The old model of: make enough money so that you can live comfortably and relax, is long past its useful life.  It’s no longer difficult to do this, and it’s leading to an epidemic of people trying to make money in any sleazy or easy way without actually contributing meaningfully to society.

This is a fundamental issue inherent in our capitalist consumerism culture.  According to the values of our society, if you have enough money to buy the latest toys, you are successful.  The shift needs to happen on the deepest level: what people value needs to change.  

But how do we do this?


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4 responses to “American Dream”

  1. alohaleya says :

    by waking up. one by one. we can’t force others to do anything…only live by example and allow the space for others to change, if/when they’re ready and if it’s in integrity. namaste.

  2. nosilentlamb says :

    In Acting school, we talked a lot about “The American Dream,” because essentially every single important American playwright discussed it. What I came to understand it to mean is that the American Dream is the idea that you can do anything and achieve anything you want. The trouble now is that there is a sense of entitlement, we think we deserve what we want without having to work hard for it. To work and fulfill your life’s purpose takes so much time. It is more difficult to pursue work with purpose and meaning. It takes years to cultivate. We don’t need to change the dream itself, we have to acknowledge that those who founded it were used to working hard for cultures that didn’t give much back. That’s the problem. If you decide to work for culture itself, if your work involves ego and you must feel validated, you will never be content. Because nobody will every validate your ego. It can’t get enough. I believe that to pursue your life’s purpose no matter the outcome is the best option we have. To do with your life what feeds your spirit and fills you with gratitude. The American Dream is just a dream, always was and always will be. Funny thing is, we are all still seeking it.

  3. nosilentlamb says :

    nosilentlamb is Morgan by the way. My first attempt at a blog was under this title and I still kinda like it. ❤ Miss Ya!

  4. adifferentpace says :

    Yea Morgan I totally hear you, and what you said actually makes a lot of sense with what I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. The Bhagavad Gita talks about performing selfless service, and I’ve just recently realized that that doesn’t necessarily mean social work or volunteering. It means performing work without your self interest.

    For example my writing can be selfless service if I’m not doing it for money or ego gratification, but rather in the interest of higher knowledge and enlightenment for my readers.

    Thank you for your comment Morgan! Chat soon.

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