To realize

So the other day I was in the supermarket when I had a crazy realization: that this massive abundance of affordable food has all come into place for the sole purpose to allow me and others like myself to continue the evolution of life towards higher forms.

It’s easy to look at our current world and pick apart everything that’s wrong with it, which is something that I’ve done quite a bit of.  But what’s hard is to see our world as a gift that will free our time and energy from worrying about the necessities, and instead focus that energy towards something greater.

What’s even harder than that is to realize how you specifically can help continue the evolution of the human race and the planet towards a higher form of life, and then to follow through with and respect your purpose.

How are you going to use this gift?


Everything has come together

To give you a chance

To realize your true purpose

Straight through to the last dance


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