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There is a serious lack of opportunity to meditate in our modern society.  Technology is abundant, and one can scarcely glance an eye without finding something shiny or blinking to hijack the onlookers attention.

How rare is shininess in nature?  It’s nearly non-existent.  In nature, your eyes scan the understated hues that the earth provides, and it will slowly lull your mind to sleep, at which point you can experience the world uninhibited by the ever-wakeful thinking mind.

In modern society, this opportunity is never afforded.  Even in a ‘technology-free’ earth-toned room, any indoor scenario soon becomes so static that your thinking mind clicks on, if nothing else but to relieve the boredom.

It’s no wonder people take so many substances just to cope with living in modern society.

The holy grail

Is to find in the mail

That which you sent away

The day you decided

To be led astray.



What is love?  Why is love so hard for us?  Why does the default seem to be critique and discontent? Why is love something we need to work at, when under the right circumstances it feels like the most natural thing in the world?

I want to feel love

I want to give love

I want to be love

I want to have love

I want to set love free

I don’t want love

To be possessed by me

I want to be in service

Of the heavens above

And with love as my witness

I’ll be the best I can be.

Driver of Evolution

I believe that there is one central intelligence that we all tap into to a certain extent.  But how long has this intelligence been around for?  For as long as humans have been around?  Or does it pre-date humanity?

I think that this intelligence that our cells are responding to is the same one that communicated with all the cells that existed before the cells that make up our human form existed.  It is the same energy source that leads every cell on this planet along the journey of evolution towards higher life.  

So then what does it mean for us, as humans, being likely the first life form on this planet that is conscious of this intelligence?

The depths of your soul

And the Gods up above

Can never fully be reached

For they always must remain one step ahead.

Letting go

Letting go is perhaps one of the hardest things we can do, and yet it is also the most important.  Let go of how things should be and frustrations vanish.  Let go of how others should be and dislike vanishes.  Let go of how you should be and low self-esteem vanishes.  Let go of how the world should be and your need to fix everything vanishes.

Letting go of how things should be allows you to enjoy how things are.  And this is the key to happiness.

My soul wants to be free

But still it’s trapped in me

I’ve become my own prison

To that which won’t listen

I want to let it go

But there’s still something it needs to know.

American Dream

We need a reworking of the American dream.

The old model of: make enough money so that you can live comfortably and relax, is long past its useful life.  It’s no longer difficult to do this, and it’s leading to an epidemic of people trying to make money in any sleazy or easy way without actually contributing meaningfully to society.

This is a fundamental issue inherent in our capitalist consumerism culture.  According to the values of our society, if you have enough money to buy the latest toys, you are successful.  The shift needs to happen on the deepest level: what people value needs to change.  

But how do we do this?


The allure of the flesh is sometimes too much to resist

When you’re in it’s throes, it seems to be of all that your life consists

When you get your fix

On top of the world is the feeling that sits

But only for such a short time

Because now your soul has become mine

Is what the devil says

Time after time

To realize

So the other day I was in the supermarket when I had a crazy realization: that this massive abundance of affordable food has all come into place for the sole purpose to allow me and others like myself to continue the evolution of life towards higher forms.

It’s easy to look at our current world and pick apart everything that’s wrong with it, which is something that I’ve done quite a bit of.  But what’s hard is to see our world as a gift that will free our time and energy from worrying about the necessities, and instead focus that energy towards something greater.

What’s even harder than that is to realize how you specifically can help continue the evolution of the human race and the planet towards a higher form of life, and then to follow through with and respect your purpose.

How are you going to use this gift?


Everything has come together

To give you a chance

To realize your true purpose

Straight through to the last dance