I felt the forces of evil walking up beside me.  I knew that they were there, I didn’t want them to be, and yet I wasn’t strong enough to ward them off.  I kept walking along, now accompanied every step of the way by this energy, and I just figured that if I didn’t acknowledge it’s presence, a conscious awareness of it, that I could assume less responsibility for the disastrous outcome that would inevitably come.

If I had felt one more time the energy of the evil, perhaps then I would have been strong enough to dispel it from my body.  But the that place I was in, I could not do so, and I surrendered control of my body to a force which I could easily blame and play a helpless victim card in my defense.

But to know that something should have been done, and not have done it, not only makes you responsible, it also proves your weakness.  And your weakness is something that must be attended to so that you can have more freedom in the future.  Freedom to walk where you want to in the future, and not be distracted by such evil forces.

Freedom is the ability to do what you feel is right, to follow the truth, without getting distracted by outside influences.


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