Living with liberty

The human species is not designed for individualism.  It’s not designed for freedom.  It’s wired for tribal societies.  Learning to live as an individual and learning to live with liberty is an incredibly hard thing to do, and it’s something that everyone struggles with to some extent.

People who aren’t ready to become true individuals subscribe to different forms of group think.  Group think is the cradle and the womb for blossoming individuals.  Some people never grow up to be able to think on their own.

And who could blame them really?  The incredibly rapid civilizations that have sprung up over the past couple hundred years are like things that we’ve never seen on this planet before, and it only stands to reason that our minds would have to play a little bit of catch up to learn how to cope with this new world we live in.  It’s evolution in process that we can watch right before our eyes, and we have a whole slew of industries designed to help us along.

‘Man is free only to the extent of his self-mastery’ – Socrates


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