The dance

She never appreciates it when you don’t live your fullest
She’ll hit you with a wrath of fire
To live your purpose is all she asks
Even though it is the grandest task.

I feel we have a soul [sole] purpose
What that is we need to find
This is the first part of your life
I’m not sure what you had in mind.

Living from one fleeting pleasure to the next?
Perhaps a little bit of sex?
Anything to keep your mind off the intuition
Because that is the part that tells the truth.

But it’s not easy
It requires self-discipline
It requires the delaying of pleasures
But the ones that come later
Always end up so much greater.

Without these, everything we do becomes disillusion
And always results in mass confusion
We wonder where we went wrong
But we dare not look at the most obvious
Because that has been our entire life.


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