Falling in love with a Fantasy

The concept of girls can be so easy to fall in love with

What they could do for you

What they could represent

Who this new one could be

And how she could act

How good the sex could feel

The illusions get built up in our heads

And this can become an addictive cycle

Because reality could never live up to fantasy

So once the fantasy is burst

It’s time to move onto the next

A world lived in our heads is so much easier than a world lived in reality

So why would you ever want to live in reality?


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4 responses to “Falling in love with a Fantasy”

  1. Rigel Ordinario says :

    This happens all too often to some. Great poem.

  2. redshirt55 says :

    Easier, certainly. But better? I wouldn’t say so. Easier does not always translate to better; indeed, sometimes the greatest reward comes from the greatest risk.

    It is very easy to fantasize a life with a girl. But it is so much more satisfying to make it a reality, to actually build a life together with another person.

    • adifferentpace says :

      Well yes this poem was kind of intended to send conflicting messages, almost intending to make you disagree with the ending just so that you could come through with your own definitive point of view.

      This poem is also kind of representative of where I was when I wrote it, because while it can feel nice to indulge in these fantasies, deep down you know it isn’t the ‘proper’ thing to do, but you do it anyways just because of its vice-like allure.

      Thanks for reading!

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