Archive | May 2012

Feeling good

Here waiting at the Apple store and I figured I’d bust out a blog post real quick.  It’s crazy because I feel like I’ve finally hit a point where I feel really contented with my life.  And I’ve had points where I’ve felt happy for sure, but this goes below a surface level excitement or happiness, as it runs much deeper.  I feel happy and I feel comfortable with where I’m going, but I think most importantly I feel trust in myself.  Trust that the path I’m on is a good one and also worth my time and effort; and trust that whatever comes up in any scenario, I”ll have the resources to handle it.

This last one is important for me.  And how did I get there?  I got there by continuously pushing my edges and my limits.  Continuously pushing my comfort zone, and therefore continuously pushing out my edge.  This is growth.

In the past I’ve always kind of felt like I needed to figure everything out, like I needed to know exactly where I wanted to be 10 years from now in order to start taking steps towards that in the present.  This just put me in a state of constant indecision and hesitation since the future is nonexistent as it stands, and the variables to get there are infinite and completely unpredictable.  To try and plan for it in such a precise manner just adds an incredible amount of stress in your life.

But when you just relax into the present and do the things that you know you should do by staying conscious of the world around you, you can just allow your life to take its course without you worrying about it.  This then frees up all that mental time and energy to enjoy the present moment, and that’s what life is really all about isn’t it?

Does anyone else feel the same way? How did you come to this feeling?  Did what I say resonate with you? I wanna know!