So a weird thin…

So a weird thing happened to me last night after writing my blog post, after thinking about and feeling the love that I referred to, and after seeing that people really appreciated my thoughts and that they were able to relate to them.

I got this amazing feeling of love in my body, very similar to that feeling you get when you first start dating someone new and you’re still in that infatuation stage, when everything about them is new, fun and exciting.  That warm fuzzy feeling in your chest and that joy that brings a smile to your face so easily.  I felt that last night, and the most incredible part about is that there wasn’t a romantic encounter involved.

Even still now when I think about it I can feel remnants of that feeling, it’s not quite as strong, but it’s still there.  I wonder if this is the feeling of truly loving yourself and truly being fulfilled in this life.


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2 responses to “So a weird thin…”

  1. Dmitriy says :

    I always wonder about feeling fulfilled in life. I guess it’s different for everyone in their own unique way. For instance, take someone from a tribe in today’s world from either Africa or South America. What can make them feel fulfilled might and prob will be completely different than say someone that works at a grocery store, or trades stock on wall street. It’s kinda crazy, but I feel like the more exposure to media the harder it may be to reach that fulfillment. In the same thought I wonder if someone who lives a life without tv’s, internet,etc.. and don’t even know that these things exist will be better off because they are not brainwashed and programmed to covet these things. I feel Americans as well as much of the modern world have this almost underlying disease which breeds lust, greed, and jealousy. I guess sometimes these feelings are good in a sense when they make you work hard for attaining that certain thing. However, once you attain this thing you feel just as hollow as you did before you got it. Things like this boggle my mind. A very difficult question to answer, “what makes one feel fulfilled in life” maybe it’s as easy as shelter, food, companionship, and procreation. You’ll have to forgive my writing, I write like I feel most of the time….scatter brained

  2. adifferentpace says :

    Nah man no worries on your writing, I think that was very coherent.

    And yes I absolutely agree with you that once you attain something it’s never as sweet as you hoped, and that’s why the joy comes in the process of trying to attain it. The joy comes in facing challenges and barriers and finding ways to overcome them (this is actually the topic of my coming blog post), and this is even more amplified in the case of material possessions.

    But yes I definitely agree with you that exposure to a lot of media can mess someone up, and so a lot of it is what you choose to expose yourself to (I don’t own a TV for instance), even though of course it’s impossible to tune EVERYTHING out, just by what your mind focuses on, I feel like you can do a good job of choosing not to let that in.

    And my opinion on all of the technologies and luxuries that we have in Western society is that it’s almost like leverage or a happiness multiplier, either up or down. It’s said that people are on average happier in third world countries than in America, but I feel like there’s a limit to it.

    Here in America you can definitely let it get the better of you and become depressed and unhappy and a slave to consumerism or whatever, but if you’re able to harness the power and potential of technology in a positive way then I feel like the potential upside towards your overall life fulfillment can be far greater than in a third world country. It just takes a little bit of practice to get that down.

    Take the internet for example, I used to hate the internet and spending a lot of time on the computer, and if you just spend your time surfing facebook or other mind numbing activities, then yes the internet will probably be detracting from your life. But just take this conversation now that we’re having. It never would have been possible without the internet; and that’s not to mention the massive wealth of knowledge and information that you can find here that would have been completely unimaginable in scope even 20 years ago. It’s all in how you use it.

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