This blog is just to introduce myself to the blogging community.  For some time I’ve thought about starting a blog but just never did for one reason or another, the thing holding me back the most when I was the most seriously considering was the pressing self-doubt and thoughts that I did not have enough interesting things to write or talk about, or that I didn’t have enough ‘life’ experience to help people out along the way.


One thing that I’ve realized though is that no matter where you are in your life, it’s so easy to put something like this off because you can see in your mind how you could be more prepared for it in the future.  While there may be a certain amount of truth to that thought, if you give into it it will just become a never ending pattern of deferment; never good enough.


A realization that I had the other day was that ‘I am being the best person that I could be at any given moment’.  Even if you act or think in such ways that you feel to be ‘subpar’ you still acted in such a way that was the best it could be given the circumstances and the situation that it occurred in; if you could have done better then you would have.  With this thought in mind it is so much easier to be gentle with yourself and accepting of where you are while still holding onto the knowledge that you will be moving forward.


Anyways that’s all for now.  Until next time.


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